Scene: Bloom's BedroomEditEdit

Vanessa- Wake up, sleepy head! The sun's been up for ages!

Bloom- Just five more minutes, Mom.

Vanessa- You're late Bloom!

Bloom- School! Oh no! Why didn't you wake me up before? Oh, the alarm didn't go off! Oh no! I can't believe this! Hang on a sec, school's out! The alarm didn't go off because I'm on vacation! Oh mom, your joke isn't funny!

Vanessa- Bloom... Well, you fell for it, didn't you?

Bloom- I'm sleepy, I'm going back to bed.

Vanessa- You should try going to bed earlier, you know. You were up really late last night.

Bloom- I was reading...

Vanessa- Fairies: Myth or Reality? Urgh, don't you ever get tired of these silly things?

Bloom- They're not silly, okay?

Vanessa- Actually, now that school is over, you can help me in the shop!

Bloom- No!

Scene: Bloom's KitchenEditEdit

Mike- Good morning sunshine!

Bloom- I am not going to spend my summer working in the shop! I wish I could go somewhere fun with my friends!

Mike- When you're older you can go wherever you want.

Bloom- How old is older? I'm already sixteen dad...

Mike- Already sixteen... you are still my little girl!

(Cut as little bloom)

Bloom- Dad! It's not fair!

Mike- Listen, in a few weeks, we will all be flying to the beach as we do every year.

Bloom- But all my friends go on holidays by themselves, that would've been the best present ever.

Vanessa- Well sweeties, no presents but we have a little surprise for you!

Mike- Ya, a little something to help you around Gardenia!

Bloom- Really! Thanks dad! Huh?

Mike- Nice huh?

Bloom- Oh well... ya, thanks...

Mike- See she doesn't know what to say!

Vanessa- I don't know, maybe she was expecting something, a bit more... sophisticated.

Mike- A bicycle with a speedometer? Maybe...

Vanessa- A scooter Mike!

Mike- But scooters are dangerous and they cost a lot of money.

Vanessa- We will try to put some money aside, maybe next year we could get her one.

Scene: Streets of GardeniaEditEdit

Bloom- Augh, he will never change! My dad won't ever let me ride anything faster then a bicycle.

Mitzi- Hey Bloom! Vacationing in Gardenia this year?

Bloom- No, actually we will be going away very soon!

Mitzi- The same old beach huh? I'll send you a postcard from our vacation place. That will give you the chance to see something (Bloom growls and Kiko makes a raspberry at Mitzi)... Hey, careful with that scooter, its brand new you know...

Bloom- Have a nice summer Mitzi, see you at school... What a show off! (Bloom rides her bike to the park)

Scene: Gardenia's ParkEditEdit

Bloom- Go on Kiko, stick around alright? (sits down by an apple tree and bites into an apple)

Kiko- *screeches!*

Bloom- What's the matter Kiko? (Kiko runs off and Bloom runs after him, then hide behind a tree and sees Stella fight Knut and some Shadow Ghouls)

Stella- Rising Sun!

Bloom- Wow! Goodness, did you see that Kiko?

Stella- Solar Wind! Go away you villain or you will feel the magic of the sun and moon fairy! (Knut charges after Stella and knocks Stella down)

Bloom- Oh my goodness!

Knut- (laughs) Your time is up fairy!

Bloom- Good heavens!

Knut- Boys, Take the scepter! (Shadow Ghouls run towards Stella and pin her down; then we see a Shadow Ghoul with the sword ring and Knut takes it from him) Give me that scepter! (Goes up to Stella) Not so strong now, are you?

Bloom- Let her go! Or else (short pause) I will, wait... what am i going to do?

Knut- Get her!

Bloom- Get Back! Huh? Did I just do that? Hands off Kiko!

Knut- Come to me! I'll smash you like a China doll!

Bloom- Oh No!

Stella- Wow, powerful! Are you okay?

Bloom- Well yeah...

Stella- I have my scepter back, you don't scare me anymore! Only returning the compliments you beast!

Bloom- Watch out!

Kunt- We will meet again blonde!

Stella- Thank goodness they are gone at last!

Bloom- Hey are you alright? Answer me! We better get home Kiko! This girl needs help...

Scene: A secret hidden placeEditEdit

Mystery Voice #1- Knut! Come forward. So, you have failed?

Knut- Not my fault, your highness. I had the scepter in my hand, but then this earthly girl appears and messes everything up.

Mystery Voice #2- An earthly girl?

Knut- Oh, but she was not your ordinary earthling. She's got power, this girl. She pushed back my ghouls, just like that!

Mystery Voice #1- Interesting. Describe her.

Knut- Well, let's see, she was, uh.

Mystery Voice #1- Knut! Your glasses, where are they?

Knut- Right here, highness.

Mystery Voice #1- Well, put them on, you dolt!

Mystery Voice #2-A near-sighted ogre, how ridiculous.

Mystery Voice #3- If only he'd wear his glasses, he'll be alright.

Mystery Voice #2- Ah would you stop defending him.

Knut- An ogre with glasses, looks kinda of lame.

Mystery Voice #1- Quiet That girl could mean something to us.

Knut- Oh, but highness don't worry one of my ghouls grabbed this; it's a piece of that girls clothing. To us this is nothing, but to a hunting troll this is an important clue.(Troll sniffs piece of cloth) You see.

Mystery Voice #2- Good then go back to Gardenia and find the girl, and this time

All Mystery Voices- don't let us down.

Scene- the living roomEditEdit

Mike- Bloom, I'm not sure I understand. Could you run that by me again?

Bloom- I already told you, she was attacked by some horrible creatures. She's some kind of fairy.

Mike- Hmm, I see.

Bloom- You believe me then?

Mike- No, I don't!

Bloom- (softly) Ah, I know.

Mike- I think we should call the police and take this girl to a hospital.

Stella- No, no please. Don't tell anyone.

Vanessa- She's coming to. How do you feel dear?

Stella- Huh? I'm all right. Thanks for helping me out.

Bloom- Oh, it was nothing.

Stella- My name is Stella.

Bloom- Hi Stella, my name is Bloom.

Vanessa- Should we call your parents, Stella?

Stella- That would be difficult. I come from a place that's a bit far from here. Have you heard of Solaria? It's a kingdom far far away.

Mike- Hmm...

Stella- I'm a fairy you know. I was trying to get to Alfea castle in the realm of Magix when I...

Mike- Oh, but of course! I'm callin the police; it doesn't take a genius to realize that this girl is seriously out of her mind.

Stella- Hrrr... Hmm...

Mike- Duh!

Stella- All right, you believe me now.

Bloom- I saw her and I believe her.

Stella- Those creatures attacked me and I was forced to land here. On your planet your daughter saved my life.

Mike- Huh?

Stella- She pushed back those ghouls with an energy shield.

Mike- Huh?

Bloom- Actually I don't know how I did it.

Stella- A fairy doesn't need to know how, she just does it that's all.

Bloom- I'm a... a fairy?

Stella- Of course you are, don't tell me you're not. Have you registered for the new program a Alfea Castle? It's the best school for youn fairys like you and me.

Mike- No, no, stop talking nonsense, please.

Scene- WarehouseEditEdit

(Ominus music)

(Lightning strike)

(More ominous music)

Knut- Ah, here we are, troll do your thing.

Troll- Ah, (sniff, sniff, sniff sniff sniff) Hmm...

Knut- Find that girl.

Troll- Hmm... (pause) This way!

Bloom's RoomEditEdit

(Happy music)

Stella- So this is your room huh. Wow! Did you draw these?

Bloom- Yes.

Stella- They're amazing! Sorry I'm a bit nosy.

Bloom- Oh, no, it's okay Stella. I mean..

Stella- Huh.

Bloom- No things are not okay, for instence I still don't under stand what happened in the park.

Stella- Bloom, you used your powers to save me, you should be proud of yourself. In my world magic is a part of life (ding), and powers such as yours are perfectly normal.

Bloom- Is your world like that?

Stella- Hmm! (rustle of pages)

Bloom- Is it?

Stella- Yes, almost, but it's much nicer in here, it's so diffrent.

Bloom- I guess it all depends on your point of view Stella. I still can't get over what happened.

Stella- Strong feelings such as fear have summonrd up the wonderfull powers that are in you. They were always there, you just didn't know it. It's just a question of concentration. With your energy you can do anything. (magestic music) Watch! (pause) Okay, now it's your turn. Give them back their original shape.

(trumpet whine, clump)

Bloom- Huhhh...

Stella- Well?

Bloom- Nothing, I can't do it.

Stella- You should come with me to Alfea castle, it's a school for faries. (triumphant music) A new session is about to start, you could learn to controll your powers, and I'm sure you'd make an excellent fairy.

Bloom- Where's Alfea?

Stella- It's in the enchanted realm of Magix.

Bloom- Huaw.

Stella- A place beyond time and space

Bloom- Hmm..

Stella- Where everything is posible. If you want to see the school I'll show it to you. (Happy music) This is a bottemless postcard. watch this. Magic! Now follow meee.

Bloom- Huh

Scene: AlleyEditEdit

Troll- She's not far, the smell is strong, there's another fairy.

Knut- It's Stella their together.

Scene: Bloom's BedroomEditEdit

Bloom- I just jump in like you? Whoa!

Stella- Yes, hurry up before the gate closes.

Scene- Outside house(front)EditEdit

Troll- (sniff, sniff) I've lost the scent, she's dissapered!

Mike- Huh fairies, it's totaly redicules

Montsters- Uh! Oh!

Vanessa- Mike, it's not redicules, it's true.

Scene- Living roomEditEdit

Vanessa- Come on, admit it, you and I both know that Stella is a real fairy, but you're afraid to belive it! Mike, if this is Bloom's true nature...

Scene- A little outside Alfea's gatesEditEdit

Vanessa- (happy music) who are we to stop her?


Stella- This is Alfea castle. Nice, huh? I'm shure you'd like it here.

Bloom- But what about my high school in Gardinia?

Stella- Huh

Bloom- I mean everything is happening so fast.

Stella- Listen think about it, I've got to leave tomorrow morning, with or without you.

Bloom- Alright I'll sleep on it. Now how do we get outa here.

Stella- Easy, all you gotta do is jump up. Whee!

Bloom- Ah!

Scene- Bloom's roomEditEdit

Bloom- Huh

Scene: AlleyEditEdit

(ominus music)

Troll- Wait a minute.

Knut- Huhhuuuuuuuuhug...

Troll- The sent is back, they're in this house.

Knut- Good work troll, they can't escape us now. We'll go in through the back door and take the whole happy family by surprise.

Scene- KitchenEditEdit

Kiko- Hee hee huh. Daaaaaaahhhhhh! Delp!

Scene-Living roomEditEdit

Mike- What's wrong Kiko?

Kiko- (frantic giberish)

Mike- We'll play later, okay, we're really busy right now.


Kiko- Ahhh

Mike- What?

Kiko- (frantic giberish)

Mike- Hungry again? You just had your dinner, your gonna have to wait a bit.

Scene- KitchenEditEdit

Kiko- Hoi hoi hoi hoi


Kiko- Hugh Hugh..... Dow Ah-ha (clanking) huh huh huh

Scene- Living roomEditEdit

Mike- Huh? What is that rabbitt doing? trashing the kitchen? Kiko, Come here imediatly!

Troll- Huh

Mike- Huaaaahhhhh

Troll- Huaaaaahhhh

Scene- Bloom's BedroomEditEdit

Bloom & Stella- Huh? Hahhh!

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