Winx Club - Episode 104
Season One, Episode Four
Episode Information
Production Code 103
RAI Title

La palude de Melmamora

(The swamp of Melmamora)

Cinelume Title The Black-Mud Swamp
4Kids Title The Voice of Nature
Italian Air Date February 4, 2004
English Air Date (According to 4kids Dub) July 10, 2004
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Date With Disaster

The Black-Mud Swamp (The Swamp of Melmamora in the Italian Version) Is the fourth episode of the first season of Winx Club.


Proffesor Palladium takes the girls to The Black Mud Swamp in order to teach them how to listen to the voice of nature and find their way out.

The Winx's trip is cut short when they spot a Redfountian Aircraft (that was transporting a troll) going down. Arriving on the crash site, the Specialists inadvertently reveal what their dangerous cargo was after discovering the troll had escaped.

The girls decide to help the Specialists (Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Timmy) find the troll after Flora saves them from the Quietous Carnivores plants. By the end of the day they discover that it was the Trix[1] who first helped the troll escape, then cast an anti-gravity spell so he can't be followed, then in the end they make him disapear.

The bond between the Winx and Specialists grows deeper. And in the end Sky, Brandon, Timmy and Riven form a real group of specialists.






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Part 1 (Rai English)Edit

Winx club season 1 ep 4 rai cinelium

Winx club season 1 ep 4 rai cinelium

Part 2 (Rai English)Edit

Winx Club season 1 ep 4 part 2 English Rai cinelium

Winx Club season 1 ep 4 part 2 English Rai cinelium

Part 3 (Rai English)Edit

Winx Club season 1 ep 4 part 3 English Rai cinelium

Winx Club season 1 ep 4 part 3 English Rai cinelium

Next Episode's PreviewEdit

In the next episode, the Trix won't give up because they want Stella's magic ring at any cost. Difficult times for the Winx, will they be strong enough to handle the situation? Looks like Stella will be fooled this time! Don't miss! Next episode's preview; Winx Club - Episode 105.

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Major EventsEdit

  • The Winx girls will have a test with Professor Palladium at the Black Mud Swamp.
  • The Winx girls will encounter Sky, Brandon, Timmy, and Riven from Red Fountain.
  • The boys will form their very own group, the Specialists.
  • The imprisoned troll had escaped from the ship.
  • The Winx and the Specialists will reunite for finding the lost troll.


  • Amaryl



  • The first episode that has no fairy transformation.
  • Musa shows interest in Riven.
  • Stella shows interest in Sky (Brandon).
  • It's the first time that Red Fountain is shown.
  • This episode was cut out of the Nickelodeon One-Hour Special


  • Flora's t-shirt keeps changing colors from light green to bordeaux and back.
  • How does Bloom know how Icy's duck looks like?