Morgana, prepared to let Roxy go??Edit

Were not going to argue about whether or not Roxy is a real member of the Winx Club in this post. That topic has
Mother and Daughter
been beaten to death across the internet.

Instead, us admins, wonder: are fans ready to accept that Roxy may not appear in season five? EDIT: As pointed out, (we genuinely forgot that) Roxy will appear in season five. Thanks, guys!
The point wasn't to argue whether she will appear or not in season five, but to wonder how viewers would feel that an important character who drove much of season four be demoted to a unimportant role in the next season.
Clearly, she has not been featured in any of the recent merchandise or previews for season five, which makes me think that she won't appear at all (or that it just proves that she was truly a temporary important character). On the other hand, she appears frequently in the comics just like Aisha and has her own article section, making me think that she has some sort of permanence in the series. (For those of you who don't know, Aisha and Roxy sometimes don't make appearances in certain comics, leaving just the original five.)
Personally, I don't mind that Roxy does not appear in season five. I would be a little disappointed, but I could cope with the idea. As for other fans, I think they might either go crazy. Are you prepared to let Roxy go?

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