Pepe; the fairy pet Bear


Voiced by Uknown
First Appearance Episode 403: The Last Fairy on Earth (cinelume)
Affiliation Winx Club, Love & Pet, Musa
Powers and Abilities Uknown

Pepe is Musa's bonded fairy pet, a brown teddy bear.

Personality ProfileEdit

Pepe likes to sing, play instruments and dance. But sometimes she eats too much.


She is a small brown teddy bear with big purple or light green eyes and pink ears.


Season 4Edit

Pepe was originally a plush doll that the Winx were going to throw out on one of their jobs, but became bonded to Musa after Flora brought them to life. She makes various appearances throughout Season 4, generally at the Love and pet. Pepe also showed up with Kiko and the other pets during Roxy's fight with Gantlos.