Ocean(s) of Light

250px-Ocean of Light 1

User(s) Stella
Form(s) Enchantix


Wizards of the Black Circle

Nigtmare Monster

Hagen's Robots

Ocean of Light is an Enchantix defensive spell used by Stella in which she shines a bright light which resembles an "ocean" that looks like an orange ball emitting orange rays of light.

It also can be made of yellow light, shaped and acts like a rubber ball. And if it hits on something hard, especially on the wall or a shield by the target there is a high possibility that it will turn back and attack the spell user.

Times when usedEdit

  • Season 3 Episode 13 "One Last Fluttering of Wings" used against Valtor.
  • Season 4 Episode 2 "The Tree of Life" used against the nightmare monster.
  • Season 4 Episode 4 "Love and Pet" used against Ogron.
  • Season 4 Episode 6 "A Fairy in Danger" used against Gantlos.
  • Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom against Hagen's robots.