Queen Niobe


Voiced by Unknown
Orgin Andros
Relationship(s) Aisha; daughter King Teredor; Husband

Queen Niobe is Aisha's mother and the Queen of Andros.

She is lighter skinned than Aisha .She has a lot of love for her. Niobe once got caught by Valtor and was imprisoned in her home on Andros. She also made the choice of Aisha marrying Nabu She rules the city of andros. She asks for Aisha's forgiveness because she made the choice of who Aisha will marry, but she also says it is a lucky guess. Niobe does not appear much. She came to Alfea to ask for forgiveness from Aisha stating that she should not have made a choice for Aisha to marry Nabu, other than that episode she only appears in Andros. Niobe is mainly shown in Season 3.

Personality ProfileEdit

Niobe is kind and well behaved. As the queen she is sometimes strict. Well niobe is sweet and brave. She is very loyal. She's maybe that of a good mother but sometimes she judges Aisha in her life, making Aisha dislike her. But in the end, Aisha seems to understand her mother that she has no more choice. Meanwhile, Aisha realized that her mom was right that Nabu is perfect for her making her forgive her mom.


Season 3Edit

In this season, Queen Niobe is sorta judging Aisha's'