Milly; the fairy pet Rabbit


Voiced by
First Appearance Episode 403: The Last Fairy on Earth (cinelume)
Affiliation Winx Club, Love & Pet, Aisha
Powers and Abilities

Milly is Aisha's bonded pet.

Personality ProfileEdit

She enjoys working out and fights for the attention of Kiko.She is very lively.


She is a white bunny with light pink hair, blue eyes and two orange hair ties on her ears with yellow flowers on each.


Season 4Edit

Milly originated from a stuffed bunny rabbit that the Winx were taking to the trash, when Flora brought her and the others to life. After that, she has been seen around the Love & Pet store, typically with Aisha. She was also present during Roxy's fight with Gantlos, trying to help Roxy gain her wings.