Love & Pet is a shop for fairy pets, that Flora had created when they quit their former job was to sort out the stuffed

Flora; giving a boost of magic to the stuffed toys which made it became the Fairy pets

animals. The shop had been created to help people believe in magic again. It is also where the Winx live during their stay on Earth.

The fairy pets are not for sale, as the Winx stated that they give the pets for adoption generously, and possibly that they get paid for their services such as taking care of sick pets and providing their customers with food or outfits for their pets.


Bloom (Entertainer)Edit

In charge of setting appointments and attending to the customers.

Stella (Groomer)Edit

In charge of keeping the pets clean and choosing outfits for them to wear.

Flora (Nutrisionist)Edit

In charge of the nursery and caring for the pets if they get sick.

Musa (Music and Dance Teacher)Edit

In charge of teaching the pets to sing, dance and play instruments.

Tecna (Website Manager)Edit

In charge of updating the website for the shop and she also oversees the distribution of the pets through the online services.

Layla (P.E. Instructor)Edit

In charge of keeping the pets in shape through exercise and playing with them.

Roxy (Ground Keeper)Edit

She is in-charge of gaurding the building and sometimes helping the others when needed, she is also in-charge of closing and opening the shop sometimes.

Kiko (Security Gaurd)Edit

He is in-charge of taking care of the pets when the Winx are off to a mission.

The shop is from where people can adopt Fairy Pets freely, and obtain necessary services to take care of their pets. When the Fairy Pets have health problems, their masters can get medical services for them at the shop, where the Winx girls will take care of them..