Voiced by Unknown
Powers and Abilities Fortune Telling

Jolly, the Pixie of Fortune-Telling. She uses a version of tarot cards to tell the future and is Livy's older sister. She also appears in the movie. It is believed by fans that Jolly has become Roxy's bonded pixie, but this has not yet been proved, also, In the Winx Movie, Jolly was seen playing with Mirta after the pixies helped heal Alfea. Jolly's visions always come true, but even so, some people don't believe her.

Personality ProfileEdit

Jolly enjoys telling fortunes to everyone.


She wears a yellow, pink and green like joker-type outfit.

Winx ClubEdit

Season 2Edit

She appears in the episodes 'Hallowinx' (The Fourth Witch in the 4kids version) and 'The Time for Truth' (Darkness and Light in the 4kids version). She also is seen in the 23rd episode of season 2, when she tells Amore that she isn't going to feel better. Amore is upset, and Livy tells Jolly that it wasn't nice for Jolly to say that so Jolly offers Amore a tissue.

Season 3Edit

Jolly has smaller appearance on Season 3.

Secret of the Lost KingdomEdit

In the first movie, Jolly first appears after Alfea is destroyed in the battle with Mandragora. She them appears
300px-Winx-club- bloom movie
again entertaining Bloom while the rest of the Winx and Pixies are searching for the key of Obsidian in the Tree of Portals. Her act scrambles the keys.

Season 4Edit

In this season, Jolly makes a small appearance with the other Pixies in Episode 2.

Pop PixieEdit

In Pop Pixie, Jolly's gender is changed to male.