Harmonic Attack

250px-Musa Attack

User(s) Musa
Form(s) Believix

Wizards of the Black Circle


Evil Mermaids

Hamonic Attack is an attack spell. It makes disrupting soundwaves that takes down multiple enemies. It can also be shot like a purple ball of light or a purple laser-like beam shot.

Times when usedEdit

Season 4 Episode 7 "Winx Believix" used against the Wizards of the Black Circle's portal in a magic Convergence.

Season 4 Episode 13 "Attack of the Wizards" used aganist Gantlos and Duman.

Season 4 Episode 16 "A Virtual World" used to distract the Wizards of the Black Circle.

Season 4 Episode 17 "The Enchanted Island" used against the evil mermaids.

Season 4 Episode 25 "Morgana's Secret" used against the monster.