Ginger; the fairy pet Poodle


Voiced by Unknown
First Appearance Episode 403 :The Last Fairy on Earth (Cinelume)
Affiliation(s) Winx Club, Love and Pet (Shop) , Stella,
Powers and Abilities Unknown

Ginger is Stella's bonded fairy pet.

Personality ProfileEdit

She is very pampered and loves new outfits, similar to Stella. Like Milly, she also fights for Kiko's attention,and she is very lively.


She is a pink poodle with purple eyes, a green bow pulling back her hair and two hot pink heart-shaped hair ties around her ears.


Season 4Edit

Ginger was a plush doll headed for the trash in one of the girls' jobs until Flora used some magic to bring them to life. Since then, she makes occasional appearances, typically with Stella at the Love & Pet store. She was also seen with Kiko during Roxy's fight with Gantlos.