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It has widely been rumored that Believix is a transformation which works only on Earth. However this seems unlikely, as such a thing was never mentioned anywhere in the series, and in the first episode of Season 4, Miss Faragonda had already mentioned this transformation to the Winx even before they first met the Wizards of the Black Circle and hence decided to go to Earth. This suggests that Believix is not specific to Earth, but instead can be more easily gained on Earth since people no longer believed in magic there, and that it could also be earned anywhere where people do not believe in magic and that once earned it can be used anywhere in the Universe as its powers do not limit themselves only to make people believe in magic, but also to open the hearts of people to good feelings.

My own opinion (stella250341) (founder of this Wiki)Edit

Well, for me I think yes, Believix does only work for Earth though. My reason is that on the Season 4 Episode 26, or the ending, see to it that in the very end, you can see that the Winx got their Enchantix back instead of Believix (excluding Roxy because she has no Enchantix). And also one of my reasons is that on the Muggle side of the Universe, Earth only has ordinary people. You know, there are no such thing like people exists on Mars, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter or Etc. Anyway, on the Magical side of the Universe, there is a powerful barrier that blocks muggle people (ordinary ones) to enter the dimension, do you remember when Stella told Bloom that the barrier never lets people to enter? If you don't remember then look for season 1 episode 2 (welcome to Magix!).

Videos to prove my reasonsEdit

  • (first reason)
    • see to it that the very ending of season 4 last episode, the winx got their Enchantix instead of Believix


  • (second reason)
    • On season 1's 2nd episode, Stella told Bloom that Magix never lets people to enter like how Mike and Vanessa tried to get in but the barrier seems to not cooperate with them.


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