Back to Magix, Back to Enchantix??Edit

Admins opinionEdit

Believix really was only to be used to convince people of Earth to believe in magic, because as they fly back to Magix, all the girls are back in their Enchantix forms! But, wait, what about Roxy? She doesn't have Enchantix!

Roxy was excluded from this scene, although she was seen flying with them (all in their Believix) seconds before. So, is she not coming back to Magix and joining Alfea? What a cliffhanger to leave us with on the last episode!


My own opinion (Bloom Winx) (co-founder of this wiki)Edit

The Winx have restored magic to Earth (er…to Gardenia), and humans believe in fairies again. The Believix has served its purpose, so it’s back to the natural “final” fairy form: Enchantix. At the end of the finale episode, the Winx’s magic circles back to the same form they had when they left Magix. It makes sense, because what use is the power to help people believe in magic when you live in a world where magic is everywhere? But it’s also strange because it makes every transformation this season irrelevant to the rest of the series—every one of them—which means the Winx gained nothing power-wise in the end. Also irrelevant: Roxy’s not having her Believix powers. If her friends don’t either, then it doesn’t matter. For all we know, the form she’s in now could be a fake Enchantix. (But does she have fairy dust?)

Will you miss the Believix forms? Are you happy to see the return of the Enchantix forms?

but wait, for a second thought,.......Edit

If they're back to Enchantix when going back to Magix, why is it that on the Winx Club: Magical Adventure 3D, they were fighting against the Trix using their Believix fairy form at Alfea when their was a school opening program. Don't tell me that Alfea is located on Earth? You see, Alfea is located at Magix, so it proves us all, the rumor has ended.... The answer is no.

Video to prove my reasons (only the second thought)